Personal / Home Office Shredding

Domestic Shredding Solutions

It is not just businesses that fraudsters target. Paper-based personal credit information is also attractive to identity thieves. With your details, criminals can open bank accounts, obtain credit cards and order goods in your name. Here at Shredder Waste Paper, we understand the stress identity theft can cause. That’s why our shredding packages for domestic customers are carried out under the same strict Data Protection legislation as our commercial clients. Rest easy, knowing your personal information will stay confidential – our document shredding services are fully guaranteed with a Certificate of Destruction on completion.

Domestic shredding packages for your personal and confidential paperwork

  • Choose and order the package that suits your needs
  • Receive your sacks and seals
  • Pack up your confidential documents at your convenience
  • Give us a call on 0845 680 2023 to arrange the time and date of collection

What can be placed in the sacks?

  • Printed paperwork
  • Documents
  • Bank statements
  • Cheque books
  • Window envelopes
  • Manila folders
  • Passports
  • Photos
  • Staples
  • Treasury tags
  • Paper clips

Package 1

  • 2 sacks and security seals
  • Popular with domestic customers, this package is ideal for small volumes of confidential paperwork and documents.

Package 2

  • 5 sacks and security seals
  • This package is suitable for domestic customers, SME’s and home-based businesses with average volumes of confidential documents.

Package 3

  • 10 sacks and security seals
  • This large volume package is perfect for a complete clear out of confidential documents and paperwork including small office archives, house clearance and retirement.

We can also create tailor-made shredding solutions for alternative volumes. If you need a bespoke package or your confidential waste paper is already packed into sacks, archive boxes or plastic tubs, please call us on 0845 680 2023 for a competitive quote that suits your needs.